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M7 video server 4 port with SATA driver H.264 video / M7-DVS4PWD

M7-DVS4PWD is 4-Ports video server converting analog video to high quality digital video support 500 GB hard disk for 30 days and more recording storage. It features wireless 802.11 G support wireless USB adapter, H.264, up to 1/2 720X480 resolution image quality, maximum 30 fps. It provides built-in web server and supports for video motion detection and I/O for alarm/event handling.

  • NTSC system with max 30fps frame rate
  • PAL system with max 25fps frame rate
  • Dual Core
  • With PTZ Control
  • Bit stream: 100Kbps-3Mbps
  • Powerful Microseven software
  • Using IE browser and Microseven software access camera from anywhere
  • Motion detection alarm and I/O status alarm feature 
  • Network TCP/IP protocol
  • Provide RS422 interface, more compatibility
  • Recoding streaming video and still image to hard disk
  • Wi-Fi 802.22 G w/ wireless USB adpater 
  • Motion detection alarm and I/O status alarm feature
  • Power supplier input from 85V - 240V, and output range is DC 12V
  • Hard metal cover, anti-interference, high reliability
  • Intercom function: can realize site to remote client-end intercom by audio I/O of network video server.
  • Network TCP/IP protocol
  • Excellent customer service 24/7
  • Support multiple monitors on one PC for full screen.
  • Work with Pelco_D and Pelco_P protocol link to your PTZ analog cameras

M7 CMS User Interface
M7IE User Interface


Model M7-DVS4PWD
Brand Microseven


Video Encoder Yes
Type Wireless Video Encoder
Connection Type Wireless + RJ45
Ports Network Connection: Ethernet (10Base-T/100Base-TX)
4 Channel Video port(BNC port), 4  channel Audio (RCA port), Power Connection, 4 I/O Alerts port, RS422/RS485 port
Wireless Type IEEE 802.11g
Video Source System NTSC / PAL
Video Compression Format H.264 codec 10 image quality levels selectable
MAX Resolution 720 x 576 (PAL), 720 x 480 (NTSC)
Video Capture Resolution D1: 720 x 576(PAL), 720 x 480(NTSC)
H-D1: 360 x 576(PAL), 360 x 480(NTSC)
CIF: 360 x 288(PAL), 360 x 240(NTSC)
QCIF: 180 x 144(PAL), 180 x 120(NTSC)
Frame Rate Max 30 frames/sec
Bit Stream Rate 8 Kbps ~ 3 Mbps, CBR/VBR Adjustable
Motion Detection 12 x 16 detecting areas and 9 levels sensitivity
Network Time Clock Built-in clock
Remote Reset Remote reset through network
Equipment Search Equipment searching by M7 Cam Locator
User Management Provide multi-level user administration
Audio Audio In, Audio Out, RCA interface, single track, 8 KHz
Software Microseven M7CMS, M7IE
Operating Systems Supported Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003, Vista, Windows 7
Storage Supported SATA hard disk up to 500GB (hard disk sold seperated)


Power AC Adapter: Input 100V AC or 240V AC
DC12V, 3A, <7W


Temperature 14 F - 122 F / -10°C - +50°C
Humidity 5~ 90%

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions 8.74" x 12" x 1.9"
Weight 5.07lb


Package Contents 1 x M7-DVS4PWD
1 x Power adapter
1 x CD
1 x release paper

Manufacturer Warranty

Parts 1 year limited
Labor 1 year limited


Microseven video encoders integrate easily into your existing analog cctv (closed circuit television) cameras system and it converts analog camera video to digital video for monitoring and recording. There are two options to recording to video, first it is recording data in the built-in hard disk and second, it will recording in your PC, server or the large scale storage to prevent your device stealed in location but the recording will keep on remote. It is worry free security and state of art system.

Microseven video encoder digitizes analog video signals and sends digital video streaming or images directly over an intranet or internet. Microseven provides first class software to our customers and secured website microsevencam.com to use and get support 24/7.

Microseven network video solutions offer the following advantages:

  • 4 Channel video encoder and recorder 2 IN 1
  • 500 GB hard disk for 30 days recording storage (hard disk sold seperated)
  • 4 channels audio available
  • Wi-fi 802.11 G w/ Wireless USB adapter (sold seperated)
  • NTSC system / PAL system
  • H.264 video compression
  • Remote accessibility
  • Easy, future-proof intergration
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Distributed intelligence
  • Proven technology
  • Work with Pelco_D and Pelco_P protocol link to your PTZ analog cameras


  1. Keep away from the high-temperature objects and places
  2. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight
  3. Do not put it at wet places
  4. Do not install at the violently shook places
  5. Do not put any other equipment on the video server
  6. Video server should be installed in a well-ventilated place, and not to block the equipment vents;
  7. Make sure the power cable is well connected before turning on the power switch.
  8. Confirm whether install the hard disk during the initial installation, and notice the line jump to the main disk status;
  9. Do not open the box without any professional personnel, please contact manufacturer when malfunction happens.

Main Parts

  1. Front Board
    MSH-DVS4CHD Front Board

    Indicator Status
    MSH-DVS4CHD Indicator Status

  2. Rear Board
    MSH-DVS4CHD Indicator Status
  3. Alarm Port and RS485 Port
    1. Alarm input/output and RS485 port definition
      MSH-DVS4CHD Alarm ports And R485 Ports
    2. Sketch Map for Alarm input/output and RS-485 Port

      !Both the alarm input and output are I/O, A and B are the 2 ends of the I/O.

MSH-DVS4CHD Sketch Map

    Setup & Application

    1. Hardware Setup Steps
      1. Checking product and accessories
      2. Hard disk setup
      3. Set up video server
      4. Connect the equipment to network by RJ45 port
      5. Connect video source to video input port
      6. Connect audio source to audio input port
      7. Connect speed dome or PTZ to RS485 port
      8. Connect the alarm input/output equipments to alarm port
      9. Supply power, equipment running.
    2. Checking product and accessories
      1. Network video server: 1pcs
      2. Power cable: 1pcs
      3. Network cable: 1pcs
    3. Hard Disk Setup
      1. Turn off the power
      2. Screw off the screw on the top cover, and remove the top cover, which shows as follows:
        MSH-DVS4CHD Hard disk setup
      3. Screw off the screw on the hard disk bracket, and remove hard disk bracket.
        MSH-DVS4CHD Hard disk setup
      4. Fix the hard disk onto the bracket with the HDD fixed screws (keep the power port and IDE port backward)
        MSH-DVS4CHD Hard disk setup
      5. Install HDD bracket, and tighten the HDD fixed screws.
        MSH-DVS4CHD Hard disk setup
      6. Connect the cable of the HDD IDE port.
      7. Connect the HDD power.
      8. Install the top cover, and tighten the fixed screws on the top cover.
    4. Installation on Cabinet

      ! Install the MSHDVS4CHD to the mounting rack with the mounting brackets and 6 screws.

      1. Turn off the power.
      2. Remove the 4 rubber mat.
      3. Install the brackets onto the 2 sides of MSHDVS4CHD separately, and fix it with 6 screws ( M3*10).
        MSH-DVS4CHD Hard disk setup
      4. Install the MSHDVS4CHD to the mounting rack with mounting brackets, and fix it with the 4 screws (accessories not included).

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    Item# M7-DVS4PWD
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    Size 8.74 in x 12 in x 1.9 in
    Weight 4.2 lb.
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