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Overview Based in California, Microseven Systems is a professional company that specializes in the research and development of internet based digital video Surveillance products and customized industrial software solution. learn more
History Since its establishment, Microseven Systems has experienced three development phases which form a process featured by gradual progress and expansion; moreover, each development phase focused on its mission of developing industrial products of excellent performance and providing professional and quality customer service.learn more
R&D team Microseven Systems has research and development team that is full of energy, comprehensive in technology and rich in creativeness, the products researched and developed involve internet surveillance, tourism services, construction, logistic management, import and export trade, online shopping, e-finance and many other industries, and it enjoys the comprehensive development capabilities of a world leader in demand analysis, product planning, system modeling ... learn more
Future look Facing such a huge space for development and market prospects in the future, Microseven Systems will set its goal to develop high-quality, high intelligence, world-class products that meet industry and international standards; pay attention to the differences in various applications environment of industries and business characteristics, and strive to provide successful industrial solutions to meet industrial needs and solve problems that are most concerned about by customers.learn more
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