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M7-RD550PTWS pan and tilt dome wireless network camera 550/600 TVL H.264 SD Drive / M7-RD550PTWS


$ 19.99
Microseven MS-SD16GB 16GB SD Card Pre Installed / MS-SD16GB

$ 9.99
Passive POE Injector/Splitter Set / M7-POE-P

M7-RD550PTWS is a professional IR wireless dome network camera, with 1/3" Sony Super HAD CCD, Ethernet and wireless 802.11g, H.264, 720X480 resolutions, maximum 30 fps and 24 infrared lights. It provides built-in web server and supports for video motion detection and I/O for alarm/event handling and built-in SD card drive. There is two way audio and Audio full duplex G.711.

  • Dual core CPU processor for H.264
  • H.264 video D-1 resolution is 720 x 486 for NTSC systems and 720 x 576 for PAL systems
  • 1/3 Sony CCD sensor 550 TVL color / 600 TVL black and white high quality image
  • Infrared leds distance is 150 ft
  • FTP image from camera to server by same name option for weather station and engineering projects
  • Maximum frame rate is 30 fps 720 x 486 for NTSC and 25 fps 720 x 576 for PAL
  • Network bit stream rate is 100Kbps - 3Mbps
  • Microseven software lifetime updates
  • Provide www.microseven.com for customers online monitoring camera live around the world
  • LIVE Still images are available when Microseven network cameras are online over the internet. This feature is working for all the browsers and different operating systems without installation of any software. The internet web browsers are included in IE, Firefox, Safari, Netscape, Google web browser and other mobile phone device and home automation device such as HAI. And operating systems may be included Microsoft Windows, MAC OS X and Linux, Solaris and etc.
  • LIVE Streaming - flash format works for ALL browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Netscape, Chrome) on the Internet without installing any software. Hosted by Microseven.com. It can be embedded on your application and your website.
  • Camera built-in web server enables video LIVE anywhere over the internet;
  • SD card drive is for (SDHC) SD card and maximum recording video streaming data up to 100 hours with 8 GB.
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 G with WEP and WPA encryptions
  • Provide Internet connection both Ethernet RJ45 and Wireless 802.11 G
  • Motion detection alerts with 12x16 detecting areas & 9 level sensitivities, once motion alerts triggered, captured images will be sent to FTP or Email address, support Google Gmail and at same moment motion alerts will trigger camera to record video data on data storage media
  • TCP/IP and RTSP protocol;
  • Dual-streams available to set recording video data ratio and remote video transmit ratio on demand.
  • Three video output such as AV output for analog and two network digital output accessed by Ethernet and wireless
  • Two ways audio
  • Support multiple monitors on one PC for full screen.
  • Free web hosted your cameras in www.microseven.com

M7 CMS User Interface M7IE User Interface


Model M7-RD550PTWS
Brand Microseven


Network Camera Yes
Type Wireless Camera
Connection Type Wireless + RJ45
System Type NTSC or PAL
Ports Network Connection: Ethernet (10Base-T/100Base-TX)
Analog Video Output: Analog composite (NTSC/PAL)
Audio In, Audio Out, Power Connection, I/O Alerts port
Wireless Type IEEE 802.11g
Pan/Tilt/Zoom Pan Range: 355° , Tilt Range: 90°, Speed: 12°/s (Pan) 10°/s(Tilt)
Sensor 1/3" Sony Super HAD CCD, 550 TVL color and 600 TVL b/w, approx. 500,000 pixels
MAX Resolution 720 x 576 (PAL), 720 x 480 (NTSC)
Video Capture Resolution D1: 720 x 576(PAL), 720 x 480(NTSC)
H-D1: 360 x 576(PAL), 360 x 480(NTSC)
CIF: 360 x 288(PAL), 360 x 240(NTSC)
QCIF: 180 x 144(PAL), 180 x 120(NTSC)
Frame Rate Max 30 frames/sec
Lens Type 4mm (Different lens avaiable), F1.2, color 0.1 Lux, b/w 0 Lux
Aperture F1.2
Shutter Control 1/120 sec
Security WEP, SSID, WPA; Authentication: User ID/password
Night Vision Max. 66ft, IR wave length 850nm, φ 5 x 24 pcs
Audio 1 channel, RCA interface, single track, 8 KHz
Software Microseven M7CMS, M7IE
Operating Systems Supported Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003, Vista, Windows 7
Storage SD card drive built-in, full size operation guaranteed for 8 GB


Power AC Adapter: Input 100V AC - 240V AC


Temperature 14 F - 122 F
Humidity ≤ 90%

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions ∅ 6.6 in X 6.3 in (H)
Weight 1.9 lb


Package Contents 1 x M7-RD550PTWS
1 x Power adapter
3 x Screw Set
1 x Flat Bracket
1 x CD
1 x Release paper

Manufacturer Warranty

Parts 1 year limited
Labor 1 year limited
  • See There Over the Internet
    Place this plug-and-play camera in your home, office, vacation home or almost anywhere else you'd like to keep an eye on things, with no PC required at the location. The camera can be viewed and controlled from a standard Web browser, video display, requires no additional software for the PC that you're viewing it on. All of the other required software is already inside the camera.
  • Any Image Bright and Clear
    Microseven network camera features a CCD (Charged Couple Device) for sharp, enhanced image expression. The image refreshing speed (maximum) has been increased to 30 images per second for smoother displays of moving images.
  • Be Able to Used Outdoor
  • Audio in for MIC
    To enable monitoring image with sound.
  • 802.11g Wireless Communication & Ethernet Connection - No PC Required
    Microseven network camera can communicate wirelessly with standard 802.11g wireless devices, allowing the flexibility to install and operate the camera without running network wires, and utilizing SSID filtering and powerful 64 bit WEP encryption and WPA-PSK helps to protect your wireless network from illegal intrusion. Since the camera is attached through an Ethernet connection (or router) and power source, you don't need a computer at each location you want monitored. Each camera has a built-in web server with IP address. To view the images on a PC, simply open a graphics-capable Web browser and type in the cameras specified, password optional Internet address.
  • Record Directly onto SD Cards
    Microseven network camera features an SD Memory Card drive for recording images captured by the network camera directly onto an SD Memory Card (sold separately).
  • Power up without a PC
    Just plug your camera into a wall outlet. The data are transmitted over the CAT5 wire or wireless 802.11g. Plus, each camera has a built-in Web server with IP address. To view the camera's images on a PC, simply open a graphics-capable Web browser and type in the cameras specified Internet address (password optional).
  • Control the Camera Remotely
    Using a standard Web browser, video display, you can control the movement of the camera.
  • Motion detection Alerts recording
    Microseven network camera can be set to record and/or notify you when someone enters the room when triggered by motion. It is possible for the camera to email or record.
  • Create Your Own Free Web Address
    The FREE microseven.com service allows you to create a personal Web address (e.g., http://ryan.microseven.com) at which your camera's live image can be found on the Internet. Access your Microseven Network Camera live from virtually any Internet connection point around the world! Your Web browser is the only software you'll need. No matter what kind of Internet connection you have or which Internet provider you use, the microseven.com service will keep your camera's Internet address permanent.


M7-RD550PTWS IR Middle Speed P/T IP Camera adopts SONY CCD, with bright and exquisite images. As video & audio multi-media equipment that based on network transmission, which adopts built-in and multi-media communication technology, the camera is a multi-media network terminal that can directly connect to the network.

The camera adopts all-built-in technology, which can be connected to the TCP/IP network without any other equipment and realize the video & audio collection, code compression and transmission function. Outstanding H.264 compression code arithmetic guarantees the minimum occupation of bandwidth, and built-in Web Server enables users to visit the IP camera through IE or special surveillance management software.






  1. Power terminal connections
    MSH-RD080PTW Power Terminal Connection
  2. Video output terminal connection
    MSH-RD080PTW Video Output Terminal Connection
  3. Audio input terminal connection
    MSH-RD080PTW Audio Input Terminal Connection
  4. Audio output terminal connection
    MSH-RD080PTW Audio Output Terminal Connection
  5. Alarm Connection
    MSH-RD080PTW Alarm Connection
  6. Network socket terminal connection
    MSH-RD080PTW Network Port Connection
  7. USB interface connector
    MSH-RD080PTW USB Interface Connection
  8. RJ45 connections
    MSH-RD080PTW RJ45 Connections

Camera Operation Instruction

  1. PTZ operation

    Users can use control the PTZ by M7 CMS to realize “up, down, left, right” movements to track moving targets or mobile video images.

  2. PTZ auto scan operation

    Auto scan function is a continuous action of 355 ° even speed when the lens is on a fixed status.

    1. Make sure that the other action of the PTZ should be stopped before activate the “Auto Scan” operation.
    2. Click Start auto scan button of PTZ panel to activate this function.
    3. During PTZ “Auto Scan” operation, click Stop auto scan button to stop scanning.

! The following installation should be undertaken by qualified service personnel or system installers.
! The following installation method is indoor hoisting.
MSH-RD080PTW RJ45 Connections

! Ask an expert about the bearing capability and structure of the installation surface, if the surface is not solid enough, the camera may drop down. To get the weight of camera please refer to the product specification.

1. Fix the screws

Get the fixed screws to fix the pedestals onto the installing surface, with back side upward and front side downward.

MSH-RD080PTW Fix the screws

2. Install cameras

Aim the screw remaining outside part into the hole of the camera, twist the camera clockwise to the end.

MSH-RD080PTW Install camera


Item# M7-RD550PTWS
UPC 018406600267
Weight 1.9 lb.
Status Available
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