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Pahrump is a small town in southern Nevada about 60 miles by highway west of Las Vegas near the California border. The name "Pahrump" is a derrivative of the original Shoshone Indian name "Pah-Rimpi" meaning "Water Rock". There are artesian rock formations below the surface that likely prompted the name.

The scene in the video you are viewing, shows a portion of a grassy area just to the south of our location where homeowners are allowed to let their pets run off leash. The camera, facing southwest, also captures the Nopah Range located just inside the California border. The mountains that make up the Nopah Range reach an elevation of 6,395 feet above sea level at Nopah Peak, in the center of the range. The Nopah Range is approximately 26 miles long.

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Microseven IP camera Microseven Cloud Microseven Live Streaming TV #Micorseven #IPcamera #CaughtonMicroseven #MicrosevenCloud #LiveStream