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  • M7 video server 1 port (D1) with SD Drive H.264
  • M7 video server 1 port (D1) with SD Drive H.264
M7 video server 1 port (D1) with SD Drive H.264

M7 video server 1 port (D1) with SD Drive H.264 / M7-DVS1PWS

UPC 018406630448
Size 5.35 in x 3.90 in x 1.42 in
Weight> 0.66 lb.
Color Silver

$ 19.99
Microseven MS-SD16GB 16GB SD Card Pre Installed MS-SD16GB

was: $9.99$ 7.99
Passive POE Injector/Splitter Set M7-POE-P

M7-DVS1PWS is 1-Port video server, converts analog video to high quality digital video which features dual core CPU processor for H.264, Ethernet wireless 802.11g, 720X480 resolution, maximum 30 fps, built-in SD card driver, full size operation guaranteed for 8 GB. It provides built-in web server and supports for video motion detection and I/O for alarm/event handling. There is two way audio and Audio full duplex G.711.

  • Dual core CPU processor for H.264
  • H.264 video D-1 resolution is 720 x 486 for NTSC systems and 720 x 576 for PAL systems
  • Maximum frame rate is 30 fps for NTSC and 25 fps for PAL
  • Network bit stream rate is 100Kbps - 3Mbps
  • Microseven software lifetime updates
  • Provide www.microseven.com for customers online monitoring camera live around the world
  • LIVE still images are available when Microseven network cameras are online over the internet. This feature is working for all the browsers and different operating systems without installation of any software.
  • LIVE Streaming - Using M7LIVE flash streaming server by flash format works for ALL browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, Netscape, Chrome) on the Internet without installing any software. Hosted by Microseven.com. It can be embedded on your application and your website.
  • Camera built-in web server enables video LIVE anywhere over the internet;
  • SD card driver is for (SDHC) SD card and maximum recording video streaming data up to 100 hours with 8 GB.
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 G with WEP and WPA encryptions
  • Provide Internet connection both Ethernet RJ45 and Wireless 802.11 G
  • Motion detection alerts with 12x16 detecting areas & 9 level sensitivities, once motion alerts triggered, captured images will be sent to FTP or Email address, support Google Gmail and at same moment motion alerts will trigger camera to record video data on data storage media
  • TCP/IP and RTSP protocol;
  • Dual-streams available to set recording video data ratio and remote video transmit ratio on demand.
  • Two ways audio
  • Support multiple monitors on one PC for full screen.
  • Work with Pelco_D and Pelco_P protocol link to your PTZ analog cameras

M7 CMS User InterfaceM7IE User Interface


Model M7-DVS1PWS
Brand Microseven


Video Encoder Yes
Type Wireless Video Encoder
Connection Type Wireless + RJ45
Ports Network Connection: Ethernet (10Base-T/100Base-TX)
Video Input (BNC port), Audio Input, Audio Output, Microphone, Power Connection, I/O Alerts port, RS422/RS485 port
Wireless Type IEEE 802.11g
Video Source System NTSC / PAL
Video Compression Format H.264 codec 10 image quality levels selectable
MAX Resolution 720 x 576 (PAL), 720 x 480 (NTSC)
Video Capture Resolution D1: 720 x 576(PAL), 720 x 480(NTSC)
H-D1: 360 x 576(PAL), 360 x 480(NTSC)
CIF: 360 x 288(PAL), 360 x 240(NTSC)
QCIF: 180 x 144(PAL), 180 x 120(NTSC)
Frame Rate Max 30 frames/sec
Bit Stream Rate 8 Kbps ~ 3 Mbps, CBR/VBR Adjustable
Motion Detection 12 x 16 detecting areas and 9 levels sensitivity
Network Time Clock Built-in clock
Remote Reset Remote reset through network
Equipment Search Equipment searching by M7 Cam Locator
User Management Provide multi-level user administration
Audio Audio In, Audio Out, RCA interface, single track, 8 KHz
Software Microseven M7CMS, M7IE
Operating Systems Supported Windows 2000, XP, Windows 2003, Vista, Windows 7
Storage SD card driver built-in, full size operation guaranteed for 8 GB


Power AC Adapter: Input 100V AC or 240V AC
DC12V, 600mA, <5W


Temperature 14 F - 122 F / -10°C - +50°C
Humidity 5~ 90%

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions 5.35" x 3.90" x 1.42"
Weight 0.66 lb


Package Contents 1 x M7-DVS1PWS
1 x Power adapter
1 x CD
1 x release paper

Manufacturer Warranty

Parts 1 year limited
Labor 1 year limited


M7-DVS1PWS 1CH network digital video server is a digital product based on network transmission, which adopts embedded real-time multi-tasking operating systems (RTOS) and embedded CPU processor, and with the function of video signal and audio signal synchronization compression.

The compressed data is transmitted by network to realize real-time video and audio preview. The system can be scheduled efficiently. Code solidify in FLASH enables more stable and reliable system operation.

The excellent H.264 algorithm ensures less data redundancy, which is more suitable for network transmission, provide RS-485 interface and alarm input and output interfaces.

Main Parts

  1. Components
  2. Appearance
  3. Front Parts
    Front Parts

    Indicator Status
    Indicator Status


  1. The video is designed for indoor application, and is not water-proof, damp-proof and lightening-proof;
  2. Keep away from the high-temperature objects and places
  3. Do not share the same power supply wire or socket with the high-power electronic appliances.
  4. Do not install or dismantle camera cables before the power is cut off.
  5. Do not open the box without the presence of professional personnel, and please contact qualified ones if any malfunction happens.
  6. Make sure the camera works under the specified voltage to avoid the damage because of non-matching voltage.
  7. Please disconnect the power adapter if the camera is kept for non-using for a long time.

Setup & Application

  1. SD Card Installation

    SD Card standard

    1. dimension (32*24*21mm standard)
    2. 512M, 1G, 2G, 4G;
    3. No less than 6 MB/S for read-write speed

    The installation of the SD card is as follows:
    SD Card Installation
    Do according to the card, first open the SD card cover (from the right side), and insert the card.

  2. Rear Parts
    Rear Parts
  3. Alarm Port and RS485 Port

    Alarm input/output and RS485 port definition
    Alarm Parts and RS485 Parts

    Note: Both the alarm input and output are I/O, A and B are the 2 ends of the I/O.
    Alarm Parts and RS485 Parts 02

Camera Installation

  1. Checking product and accessories
  2. Install the devices accordingly
  3. Connect to network by RJ45 port
  4. Connect video source to video input port
  5. Connect audio source with audio input
  6. Connect dome camera or PTZ To RS-485 port
  7. Connect alarm device to alarm port

Port Connection

Port Connection
  1. Insert the crystal connector;
  2. Connect analog video source with BNC port;
  3. Connect audio receiver with BNC audio input port;
  4. RS485 and 6 Pin alarm IO, RS485 can connect PTZ camera or dome camera. Connect alarm sense organ with alarm port, alarm output cam control one assistant device;
  5. Connect the power of DC 12V / 2A;
  6. Audio output can connect speaker;
  7. Line-in port for microphone and transmitter;
  8. Insert SD Card to the driver.
  9. Work with Pelco_D and Pelco_P protocol link to your PTZ analog cameras
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Microseven IP camera Microseven Cloud Microseven Live Streaming TV #Micorseven #IPcamera #CaughtonMicroseven #MicrosevenCloud #LiveStream