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M7WP-MIC waterproof outdoor Microphone - An IP camera external microphone:

Advanced professional environmental sounds digital microphone, pinhole design, and hidden installation.
It is high sensitivity, high bandwidth, and noise proof. It covers the listening area of 375 sq ft / 35 square meters.
It has been used ear handle removable surface annular rib design, easy to wear tube wall installation.
There is built-in digital voice processing circuits and micro-processing chip, 0.8mm pinhole design principle used to accurately calculate of the sound reflection angle.
There is automatic suppression of the high-intensity sound, reliable protection for the back-end audio surveillance equipment.

Integrated professional pre-amplifier, microphone head can directly drive active speakers, hard disk recorders, tape recorders and so on.

Listening area 108 sqft - 375 sqft
Audio transmission distance 3000 m
Frequency response 20Hz ~ 20kHz
Sensitivity -47dB
Signal to Noise Ratio 50dB (40 dB sound source 1 meter) 30dB (10 meters 40 dB sources) 1KHz at 1 Pa
Directivity omnidirectional
Dynamic Range 80dB (1KHz at Max dB SPL)
Maximum sound pressure 120dB SPL (1KHz, THD 1%)
Output impedance 600 ohms non-equilibrium
Output signal amplitude 2.5Vpp/-25db
Microphone Customized omnidirectional capacitor microphone

The ordinary four-core telephone wire, category 5 network twisted pair, and shielded cable can be used. Microphone head has built-in lightning protection, power supply polarity reversal protection. Integrated professional built-in preamplifier circuit, no adapter
Transmission cable telephone lines, network twisted pair, shielded cable (complex electromagnetic environment with a shielded cable)
Supply voltage DC DC 8V-20V (recommended to use 12V, greater than 500 m recommended 15V)
Supply current 17 mA
Operating temperature -13F ~ 158F
Color Silver
Shell Material Metal
Dimensions L-2.5in ¡Á D-0.75in
Weight 1.8 OZ

To connect M7B57-WPS in WiFi mode:

To connect M7B57-WPS in POE mode:

To setup in software:

Audio input type selected as "Line in"
Microseven audio settings

There is two way audio in M7B57, the following photo is shown as installation protocol of speaker(s).

In Microseven software, you need to click on MIC icon to turn on your PC mic, then speaker will have sound.

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

1 of 1 people found the following review helpful By LL on August 3, 2015
Verified Purchase
The microphone arrived promptly from California. I installed according to the pictures provided here and on the M7 website.

Frankly, it didn't work at first. Apparently about the same time I bought this mic, a firmware update was released, which I installed, that caused the microphone to malfunction. A very recent firmware update, 1.2.7 fixed most of the problems and it now works.

Like most microphones used outdoors, as this one is, there is a lot of background noise due to wind and traffic. I have it adjusted now to work pretty good and recommend it for those needing audio.

The wiring is a bit bulky and may require a covered outlet box for use outdoors.

I must say the Microseven camera is great. I have the wireless model working 200 feet from the house, no problem. And, the night time picture quality is great.

M7 support staff was very helpful and responsive btw.



This specification applies electret condenser microphone (E.C.M)


Model No.



Operation Condition

3.1 Temperature


3.2 Relative Humidity


3.3 Pressure


3.4 Environmental Noise

36dB  (Maximum)

3.5 Operation Voltage


3.6 Earth


Electrical Characteristics

4.1 Standard Operation Voltage


4.2 Impedance

2.2kΩ  (Maximum)

4.3 Current Consumption

0.5mA   (Maximum)

4.4 Sensitivity

Vs=4.5V  R1=2.2kΩ

4.5 Directivity


4.6 S/N Ratio



4.7 Schematic Diagram
Vs= 4.5V ;

4.8 Test Temperature
Relative Humidity


4.9 Frequency Response


Mechanical Characteristics

5.1 Dimension


5.2 Mass


5.3 Dimensional Drawing


Reliability Tests
The sensitivity to be within ±3dB of initial sensitivity affer 3 hours conditioning at 20℃.

6.1 Vibration

Frequency1      10Hz~55Hz
Amplitude        ±0.15mm
Frequency2      55Hz~150Hz
Acceleration      20m/s
Change of Frequency 1octave/min
2 hrs in each of 3 axes

6.2 Shocks

Pulse Shape Half Sinusoidal
Puise Duration 11ms
Acceleration 150m/s2
Number of Jolts 10 in each of 3 axes

6.3 Dry Heat/Cold

70℃ for 72hrs      -20℃ for 72hrs

6.4 Damp Heat

90%RH,+40℃ for 120hrs

Temperature Cycles

(2h)(1h)(2h)(1h)(2h)      10cycles



7.1 The soldering copper of a smaller type of less than 20W shall be applied.

7.2 The temperaure of the working surface of the soldering copper shall be below 270℃.

7.3 E.C.M shall be solderde fixed on the metal block (heat sink)which has the higher
Radiation effects heat sink shall contact with each of E.C.M.

7.4 The soldering time for each terminal shall be 1~2 sec.

7.5 The pin hole soldering shall be avoided.

7.6 E.C.M may easily destroyed by the static electricity,and the countermeasure for eliminating. The staticelectricity (the ground for soldering copper,f or worktable and for human body) shall be executed.

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Microseven IP camera Microseven Cloud Microseven Live Streaming TV #Micorseven #IPcamera #CaughtonMicroseven #MicrosevenCloud #LiveStream