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Blue Drum Diner

Camera brand: Microseven HD
Camera model: M7B77-WPS

Posted by: Brad Carroll
Posted at: May 21, 2012 10:15 AM
Current viewers: 0
Total views: 17,956

Follow the Blue Drum on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/BlueDrumDiner

The Blue Drum is a feral cat feeding station set up deep in the woods of rural Kentucky. My wife and I share a love for all animals and this is one of several such feeding stations we maintain. measured at .6 mile from our home this camera is linked via 900 MHz wireless and powered strictly by sunlight (Solar Panels). We stock with fresh food nightly and enjoy watching the animals that come and take part of the banquet we provide for them.

Due to limited sunlight the cameras run only at night from dusk until dawn and shut down to charge during the day. On cloudy days on occasion we will not be able to run the camera due to low batteries especially during the short days of Dec and Jan

Benton is a city in Marshall County, Kentucky, United States. The population was 4,197 at the 2000 census. It is the county seat of Marshall County.Wikipedia

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